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Canon’s 4000 Pro is the first of its printers to gain the ‘red band’ seal of. This is a BIG deal, as Canon’s thin red line is normally reserved for its top-of-the-range ‘L’ series stills lenses. It’s like that elusive third Michelin star – it changes everything... read more...



Ask any great producer or director what they see as the most important ingredient in the filmmaking process, and they’ll all say the same thing... read more...

Originality doesn’t mean ‘hasn’t been done before’. Nor does inspiration come solely from within – it’s the result of finding and sharing... read more,,,


Unless you’re a bit odd, staring at a blank canvas isn’t fun. Knowing where to start is usually the biggest step.​ more...


These days you needn't break the bank to achieve a visually striking and smoothly functioning more...

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Jason Harris


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