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Unless you’re a bit odd, staring at a blank canvas isn’t fun. Knowing where to start is usually the biggest step.

We’ve been here before…


After a look at your site, or a visit in person – both if possible – we’ll start developing a sense of your story, and some suggestions for how we can get it across with the most impact.

Are you sitting comfortably…?


When you’re happy with that, we’ll give you a more detailed strategy. One that’s tailored to your budget as well as your goals, with priorities and workable plans that fit around you.

Action stations!


Whether you admit it or not, you already have some idea how you want to look, and what you want to express photographically. Open up and share them – it really helps us tell your story accurately.  

Don’t be shy…


Of course, time might be of the essence. Something like, “Help! We’ve entered a trade competition and need new pictures for our website!” for example. Relax. We’ll get it done, but we must at very least agree on a style and an approach. That way, it’ll be a worthwhile exercise, even if it’s a little frantic.

Steady now…

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Jason Harris


Commercial Photographer
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