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“A good artist copies, a great artist steals!”


A technique otherwise known as a ‘homage’


Originality doesn’t mean ‘hasn’t been done before’. Nor does inspiration come solely from within – it’s the result of finding and sharing experiences and insights in different ways. Throughout the creative industries and beyond, everyone stands on the shoulders of giants: Leonardo Da Vinci served as an apprentice and worked under Verrocchio. Steven Spielberg still watches David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia once a year.  


Forget original; just look great…


How you – or the things you do – come across in a photograph, plays a pivotal role in promoting your brand and business successfully. But it has to be genuine, and it must complement other aspects of your visual identity, such as your website’s look and feel, and the written tone you use to drive your key messages home. In many ways, your photography is what everything else is built on. If it’s not right, it can hold back every other aspect of your marketing.


Image is everything…


Professional photography flows effortlessly through creative design, and subtly supports it, speaking volumes within the briefest of glances. It can attract, intrigue, inspire, reassure and retain. The best photography does it all.


In the blink of an eye…


Chances are, you want a cohesive photographic style across your brand’s marketing channels. From website to brochure, to presentations and trade show stands… wherever you’re engaging your audience visually. To achieve micro to macro successfully, you need some pretty serious kit.


We have the technology…


Photography matters. I would say that, but it’s true. It shows you care about and understand the importance of capturing the essence of what you do. It shows you’ve thought about it, and discovered the difference between ‘a photo’ and ‘that photo’. And if you haven’t, maybe it’s time to look into it.


You’ll never look back…

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Jason Harris


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