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Bath, UK

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Ask any great producer or director what they see as the most important ingredient in the film making process, and they’ll all say the same thing:


Story, story, story…


By listening closely to you, and understanding you and your requirements clearly, we ensure your story shines through in our photography.


Telling your story…


How we communicate has changed dramatically in recent years, but a great photo will always move and inspire people.


Speak volumes in pictures…


To even be acknowledged by clients and competition – let alone be taken seriously – you must lead with professional photography, and back it up with concise and persuasive copy.  


Put simply…


An artfully constructed photograph stops people in their tracks. People stick around for the context and the bigger story. In today’s bombardment of imagery and messaging, 95% don’t get this far.


You’re well underway…

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Jason Harris


Commercial Photographer
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