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Oh wow. We’re in love…

Canon’s 4000 Pro is the first of its printers to gain the ‘red band’ seal of. This is a BIG deal, as Canon’s thin red line is normally reserved for its top-of-the-range ‘L’ series stills lenses. It’s like that elusive third Michelin star – it changes everything.


The Pro 4000 brings together state-of-the-art mathematics, optics, physics and computing, and wraps it in a lovely bundle of pure printing joy. We won’t go into detail here, but geeks and knee-rubbers can find out more at


Invest, we must!

We recently took on a commission to shoot, post-produce, print and hang 46 exhibition-quality prints with a minimum size of 500 x 700. With a 12-colour ink-range – four of which are dedicated to producing exquisite B&W – it was impossible for us to ignore Canon’s market-leading breakthrough.


The results have surpassed even our highest expectations. The 4000 Pro is even better than it promised to be, and it can print on practically any material: aluminium, film, canvas, silk, cotton, acetate and parchment – as well as all grades and types of paper and card.


As any printmaker, photographer, painter or digital artist will testify, looking at your work screens is one thing, but holding in your hands and looking at perfectly colour-balanced prints… is quite another. And the only thing that transcends this is to view a print of your work that’s on too large a scale to hold in your hands, and for an A0+ to be as precise, rich and rewarding as your A3. Oh yes – this is where the Canon 4000 Pro merits its accolades many times over.


Tools like this, that take perfection seriously and guide us towards it with such technological mastery, are going to revolutionise the industry in big ways. The 4000 Pro will allow serious photographers to create truly stunning exhibitions again, on the scale they deserve.


It’s a seriously exciting bit of kit, we’re head over heels.




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