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Of course, it depends on what you need your site to do, but these days you really needn’t break the bank to achieve a visually striking and smoothly functioning website.


While social media, financial services, large e-commerce operations, content aggregators and online encyclopaedias may need security experts and code-wizards lurking in the background – the vast majority of websites are purely for information and promotion, and maybe a basic online shop. For this, you simply need design that reflects you and your brand accurately, functionality that guides visitors effortlessly through your site, and words that persuade them to choose you.

That alone used to be complicated and expensive.   Not any more...


In-house expertise and trusted partners


At Bokeh, we don’t ‘just’ capture your brand’s unique character with subtle yet stunning photography and branding. We also create the overall online experience that makes people want to stick around, find out more, get in touch, and ultimately become a customer. Where appropriate, we’ll call on expert partners to ensure you’re using the right words and tone of voice to consolidate your key messages – and to create user experiences that get people spreading the word about you.


Ask the experts to DIY?


‘Build your own’ options such as GoDaddy and Wix already offer a wide range of basic frameworks. But, as anyone who has built their website from scratch will tell you, it’s a steep learning curve. While the basics might be fairly straightforward, the finer details that matter most can take a long time to figure out, let alone master.


Fortunately, we’ve been through the process many times, so we’ll have an instinct for which framework to build your masterpiece on. We’ll start with a shortlist of options that tick every box on your website wishlist, and then get to work – with you on board – creating a site that works wonders, without blowing your budget out of the window.


So, while some of it’s complicated, we’ll spare you the details and keep things simple. Our personalised service focuses on ensuring you have a professional-standard and great-looking website that stands out in the crowd for all the right reasons, and functions perfectly. Plus, we’ll show you how to manage and refresh your site as your business grows[GC1]  – such as uploading new imagery and content, publishing blogs, changing SEO settings, and more. Honestly, this bit is way simpler than building it…


Get in touch to find out more, or to discuss your website project.



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